5 façons de vous inspirer

5 Ways to Get Inspired

  1. Visit an art museum alone; give yourself one or two hours to slowly browse your favorite sections, and visit the areas that include your less-than-favorite pieces. You never know what might strike a chord.
  2. Watch a documentary about an artist or specific fine art genre. “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is on my list.
  3. Grab a cup of coffee and reserve 20 or 30 minutes to browse through the visual books and magazines on your bookshelf. The coffee and time are integral because it’s important to stay focused while digging for imagery that will inspire you to pick up your brush. If you don’t drink coffee, I’m not sure how you function.
  4. Talk to someone. Find a friend, or better yet, a stranger, to discuss ideas with. This is often how new concepts are born.
  5. Last but not least, click here to get it! The summer edition of Inspired, a free e-mag from artistmagazine.com, is now available. (Didn’t expect this to be on the list, did you?)

Brenda Swenson mixed media collage

And now, a letter from Beth Williams, co-editor of Inspired

Remember that palpable feeling of excitement you felt as the final bell of the school year rang, signaling a summer of fun, freedom and endless possibilities? When was the last time you felt that way? As an adult with one responsibility and obligation after another, is it even realistic to think that you can reclaim some of that childhood joie de vivre?

You bet it is! And, it’s as simple as sitting down at your easel. Let loose, and infuse more color and play into your art–and your life. In this issue of Inspired, take a painting cue from watermedia artist Stephen Quiller, who shows you how to add fresh, unexpected color choices to your paintings for a vibrant boost.

And, follow along in “Bits of Color” as artist Brenda Swenson shares how changing her medium when she’s bored fuels her creativity. Then, try her mixed-media collage approach (shown above) to liven up your own art-making routine.

Seascape Figure Painting by Vicente Romero

Untitled (pastel, 19.5×27.5) by Vicente Romero (vicenteromero.wordpress.com)

Or, if you find you just need a break from the brush, head to the shore for a short respite via our “Inspired by the Sea” feature. You can almost smell the fresh ocean air.

The important thing is to relax and reconnect with that childlike feeling of freedom and possibility. Happy summer, indeed! ~Beth Williams

And there you have it–five ways to get inspired, plus a little preview of what to expect. Best of all, it’s free! Get the digital issue now from artistmagazine.com, and share the link with your friends.

Wishing you endless inspiration,

Cherie Haas, online editor**Click” here to subscribe the artists network newsletter for inspiration instruction and more>



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