50 citations d'art originales à lire et à répéter

Sometimes, as we talk and write, and communicate in general, magic happens. Handfuls of words come together and land in the right places, giving us nuggets of inspirational gold. I’ve been the online editor of ArtistNetwork.com long enough to have seen many of these treasures, provided mostly by our expert art instructors. Because of my love for spreadsheets (don’t tell anyone) and my love for quotes, I’ve married the two and have kept a running list of my favorite art quotes for many months. Following are 50 of them, all original quotes that, unless you’ve subscribed to and read each of my newsletters, will be new to you.

You might notice that some of these quotes are attributed to yours truly, and I would like to include a brief note about this: It isn’t easy to quote yourself, but as I advise friends of all ages, it’s important to be bold. I hope you’ll forgive my forwardness, and enjoy these quotes about creativity, painting, art business, and more. If any truly speak to you, click on the attributed name to read more; and, click” here to share this list with your friends on facebook>. ~Cherie

50 Original Art Quotes Worth Reading and Repeating

“Art is the cultural bedrock of a civilization and its worth is beyond measure.” ~Richard” mckinley>

“Spend more time looking at the model than painting the model.” ~Sharon” sprung>

“Treat your artistic enterprise as a business in order to protect your future success as an artist.” ~BJ” foreman>

“Whether we view it for pleasure or create as artists, art can serve us in so many ways.” ~Nancy” reyner>

“Creativity can come from uncertainty and a bit of angst.” ~David” curtis>

“In many respects, light can become the subject.” ~Alain” picard>

“The more you put yourself out there, the more there is for people to take exception with.” ~Lee” hammond>

“This is why art is important. It makes us FEEL.” ~Cherie” haas>

“As artists, we try to paint what we see, rather than what we think we see.” ~ Jean” pederson>

“I believe that exposure to the arts is invaluable.” ~Andrea” matus demeng> 

“If you suffer from artist’s block, a change in direction or medium may be all you need.” ~Linda” kemp>

“If you want to learn how to do anything and do it well, seek out the best teachers.” ~Cindy” salaski>

“When my students are stuck I say, ‘Take the first step, there will be something better on the other side.’” ~Susan” edison>

“What is it that the camera won’t capture? That’s what you want to infuse into the painting.” ~Richard” mckinley>

“Do your best, experience everything once.” ~Jason” rowles>

“Fear of failure and criticism can be crippling. Don’t let others’ negativity take away your joy.” ~Lee” hammond>

“Don’€™t let another day go by without putting your art first.” ~Cherie” haas>

“If improving your painting abilities is a priority, then you have to set up good habits.” ~Jean” pederson>

“Always face your challenges head on and make them your strengths.” ~David Jon Kassan

“Cultivate a curiosity of the ordinary and a passion for everyday life.” ~Dory” kanter>

“To live an art-filled life, one must be willing to try new things & accept that things change.” ~Lee” hammond>

“To be timid, safe, complacent, or overly satisfied doesn’t push the boundaries of creativity.” ~Mark” mehaffey>

“We create because we seemingly have no choice but to be creative.” ~Cherie” haas>

“It’s possible to have an awesome life, but it’s up to ourselves to do it.” ~Lee” hammond>

“The painting guides me to what to do next.” ~Soon” y. warren>

“I seriously believe that what you leave out is important.” ~Andy Wood, Watercolor Artist (August 2013)

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s why they call it artWORK!” ~Lee” hammond>

“The moment the paint on a canvas is more than paint on canvas, it becomes art.” ~Debra” carr>

“If everyone found this peace through art, the world would probably be better.” ~Cherie” haas>

“I find plenty of inspiration in real life—it’s stranger than fiction!” ~Brenda” york>

“Painting a sunset is an act of faith. If you wait for it to happen, you’re too late.” ~Aaron Schuerr, Pastel Journal (June 2013)

“The paint is simply an extension of my hand, my mind.” ~Antonio Masi, Watercolor Artist (August 2013)

“There is never a lack of subject matter; just absence of creativity.” ~Lee” hammond>

“When you pick up a stick of pastel, you’re holding light & color in your fingertips.” ~Liz” h sullivan>

“We all see things differently; that makes the combined creativity of so many an enjoyable journey.” ~Paul” harman>

“Art does indeed have the power to heal.” ~Amy” dean mckittrick> 

“Drawing is absolutely essential to becoming a successful artist.” ~Mary” whyte>

“Painting is a never-ending process of challenges and learning.” ~Daniel” greene>

“Sometimes the hardest thing about drawing is beginning the process.” ~Bert” dodson>

“There’s something magical about putting yourself around like-minded people.” ~Jean” pederson>

“Artists are rebels against the grain of society no matter what they choose to do.” ~Dean” nimmer>

“Through our art and expression, we have an effect on the world we live in.” ~Karala” barendregt>

“Be the artist you are.” ~Cherie” haas>

“A true artist is driven by the never-ending desire to create.” ~Lee” hammond> 

“My goal is to convey the same sense of wonder and beauty that I experienced while on location.” ~Karlyn” holman>

“There are three things that are important: feeling, imagination, and the means to communicate.” ~Everett” raymond kinstler>

“Learning to take risks is an essential aspect of being creative with color.” ~Brian” keeler>

“Watercolor artists will always find new ways to paint and express their vision.” ~Rachel” r wolf>

“Use your workshop time to gather information and not as a time to try and paint a masterpiece.” ~Jean” pederson>

“Knowing there is so much more to learn keeps me thirsty for knowledge.” ~ Sterling” edwards>

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