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Shopping for gifts, going to parties, upholding traditions, eating, more shopping, more eating…the holidays are officially upon us. I’ve updated my gift list spreadsheet (nerd alert) and created a budget for shopping. I’ve started eyeing sales and have begun working on the handmade gifts that I’ll give. Like many of you, my focus is on others, and I’ve only been giving in to the “one for him, one for me” shopping temptation a little bit. (It’s hard to resist–tell me you can relate!)

But here’s an idea–there’s no harm, no foul, no guilt in entering a sweepstakes! In just two days artistmagazine will launch our Annual Holiday Sweepstakes, and all you have to do is enter your email address to enter. The prizes are unbelievable–we’ve teamed up with some of your favorite art supply manufacturers and stores to come up with a list of goodies that are too good to pass up. (Share” the love and tell your friends on twitter>

Sadie Valeri and Felicia Forte with their students, enjoying New Wave Palettes

Starting Friday, November 29, visit www.artistmagazine.com/sweepstakes daily to enter for the new prize that will be given away for that date. We’re kicking it off with the much-desired handcrafted New Wave artist palettes, a $139.70 value which includes 1 Handcrafted New Wave® Wood Artist Palette (your choice), Grey Pad™ Disposable Paper Palettes (2 Rectangular & 2 Hand Held Models), and 1 Easy Lift™ Peelable Artist Palette.


Glacierside (oil, 96×30) by Cory Trépanier. Painted with Daler-Rowney oils. www.trepanieroriginals.com

Each day we’ll feature a new, fabulous prize, so bookmark www.artistmagazine.com/sweepstakes, set a reminder, and tie a string around your finger so that you don’t forget to enter daily. The sweepstakes will end on December 17, when you can enter the Grand Prize Drawing for a $1,000 gift certificate from Blick Art Materials. Not too shabby!

I wish you all the best of luck, and hope that if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s filled with all things that are good.


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