Coup de projecteur sur un artiste: un art abstrait parlant des volumes

In the June 2016 issue of The Artist’s Magazine we feature the abstract art from the young artist Niam Jain. At 13-years-old Jain’s unique abstract work helps express that which he cannot: his voice. Jain falls on the autism spectrum, and with his communication limited, he sought an outlet to help give meaning to his innermost feelings. His work is the result of those emotions.

Read below for a more in-depth look at the artist and his incredible story. Check out his website to see more of his work, and be sure to order your copy of The Artist’s Magazine‘s June issue!

abstract art

Water Lilies (acrylic on wood, 24×24) by Niam Jain

“I was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. I like to swim, play video games and go to the movie theater. Some people make the mistake of thinking that I don’t understand the world around me due to my limited speech and comprehension. They are mistaken, as I use art to express what I’m feeling, the beauty of the world and my life experiences. I like abstract art as it best expresses how I view the world in beautiful bold colors.

People tell me all day long how I should behave, how I should speak, what I should be doing and when. In art, there is no wrong answer. It is a true expression of who I am. When people like and admire my work, they are accepting me for who I am, as a unique individual with my own thoughts, feelings and perception of the world. I can behave any way I want. I can paint any way I want. I am my own person.

abstract art

Beach Sunset (acrylic on wood, 40×30) by Niam Jain

I pick the size of the canvas; I pick my colors; I keep painting layers that express my most inner feelings and thoughts. When I think it’s complete, I simply stop. I like to use a variety of techniques. My personal favorite are squeegees that were made just for me and soft paint brushes.”

From the artist’s mother, Nina Jain: “Art has given Niam a voice. He is able to express his feelings on canvas in a unique way. It’s a voice that has no wrong answers. In the studio, he’s in his own world, a world of acceptance and tolerance. He is appreciated for who he is, how he wants to express his feelings and how he wants you to understand his world. He is free of all societal pressures and social conventions. Art has given Niam a career, a hope in life where he will not be burden on society but an independent and contributing member of it. He will be appreciated for who he is and what he can do and not for what he cannot do.”

abstract art

Global’s Gold (acrylic on linen, 48×36) by Niam Jain


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