Créer un art des fêtes pour répandre la joie des fêtes

Calling All Artists ‘Tis the Season, It’s Time for the December Artists Community Project

‘Tis the season! The holidays can get hurried by hustle and bustle but as artists, we have the unique opportunity to spread joy and holiday cheer, to our friends and loved ones, through our art.

This month’s Artists Community Project is dedicated to sharing ideas on how to use our art to brighten the holidays and share unique merriment with others.

Do you paint a special piece of holiday art for your mother?

Holiday Art

From Painting Charming Cottages & Villages by Kerry Trout

Do you draw a fun caricature of your brother’s dog as an ode to his furry friend?  Blog about it and share it here!Holiday Art

Do you make your own mini masterpieces and send them as Christmas cards like Grant Fuller creates DIY Fine Art Holiday Cards? Do you hand decorate your own stationary for your holiday letter? Blog about it, others want to see your holiday art!

Holiday Art

From Delight in the Seasons by Lisa M. Pace

Do you create your own holiday art gift tags? Or doodle your own wrapping paper? Do you create, paint, or draw your own special Christmas ornaments to give away or keep to commemorate your holiday?  Wow! Please share. Blog about it and share the link in the comments below.

Since the Christmas season is so special, maybe some of you venture Holiday Artoutside traditional art mediums and create ways to decorate yourself, or others as a special gift. Do you create special holiday art to wear? Check out this snowflake pendant, do you make holiday art to wear? Share you holiday art here.




Remember, here’s how The Artists Community Project works:

  1. Read. Each month we will release an Artists Community Project blog about an art-related topic.
  2. Write. Share your thoughts on that topic in your own blog, and link back to the Artists Community Project blog.
    Holiday Art

    From Delight in the Seasons by Lisa M. Pace

  3. Link. Next, share a link to your blog in the comments section of the Artists Community Project blog for a chance to win monthly prizes.

In order to be consider for the prizes, you must link back to the Artists Network Community project in your blog. The monthly winners will get their blogs featured in the next Artists Community Project blog post that announces the new topic and winners will receive some snazzy art goodies.

Claudette is the winner of the November Artists Community Project on the topic of still life art.  Read Claudette’s blog, Painting with Still Life in Mind.

We look forward to seeing and reading about how you celebrate the season with art.  Remember, blog about your holiday art, link back to this blog, and share the link to your blog in the comments below. Merry Christmas to all and very happy 2015!

Merry Christmas. Live Inspired,




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