Extrait vidéo du Magazine de l’artiste (juin)!

Watch a video preview of The Artist’s Magazines June issue below. The June issue features artwork from some of the most prominent artists working today! These paintings are only a preview, so make sure to pick” up the issue> for inspiration and tips to use in your own practice.

If you enjoyed this video preview, make sure you pick up your copy of The Artist’s Magazine’s June issue on newsstands, through our North Light Shop, or download a copy for your iPad or e-reader!

Five reasons to read our June issue cover to cover:

  • You want to have a painting adventure in New York City!
  • You not only eat your veggies, you see them as bold subjects.
  • You want to learn from the old masters like Antonio Allegri da Correggio.
  • You want to read about brand new products that can liven up your work.
  • You’re excited to sharpen your draftsmanship with help from the pros!

Featured Artists:

Diane Rudnick Mann, Eric Wert, Amy Wieskopf, Burton Silverman, Vincent Giarrano, Albert Handell, Mario Robinson, Michael Chesley Johnson, Ursula Roma, Antonio Allegri da Corregio, Jerry N. Weiss, Andrew Mcneile Jones, Josh Hara, and Cole Carothers.

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