Extrait vidéo du Magazine de l’artiste (septembre)!

Watch a video preview of The Artist’s Magazine‘s September issue below. The September issue features artwork from some of the most prominent artists working today! These paintings are only a preview, so make sure to pick up the issue for inspiration and tips to use in your own practice.

Watch the Video Preview of The Artist’s Magazine’s September Issue Below:

If you enjoyed this video preview, make sure you pick up your copy of The Artist’s Magazine’s September issue on newsstands, through our North Light Shop, or download a copy for your iPad or e-reader!

Five reasons to read our September issue cover to cover:

You want to know exactly how the old Europeans did those large-scale frescos.
Graffiti and spray paint in fine art paintings sounds intriguing.
You want to learn from the old masters like Paul Gauguin.
Matching skin tones is a struggle…the secret is in the color temperatures!
You’re excited by new mediums like water-soluble graphite.

Featured Artists:

Kevin T. Kelly, John Singer Sargent, Kristy Gordon, Constance McClure, Miranda Lorikeet, Vital Arts, Koo Schadler, Paul Gauguin, Stephen Cefalo, and Donald Schuster.

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