Gagnants du concours d'arts médiatiques 2013

Congratulations to The Artist’s Magazine‘s 2013 All Media Art Competition winners!

Nick Alm is the grand prize winner for Two Lovers (below; oil, 40×30). Continue reading to view the first places and honorable mentions in the categories for Watercolor; Pastel; Acrylic; Graphite, Charcoal and Ink; Colored Pencil; Mixed Media and Collage; Oil and Oil Pastel. Click on each image to see a larger version.

Grand Prize Winner

(s)two lovers

Two Lovers (oil, 40×30) by Nick Alm

Want to see your work here? Click here to enter your best work in our All Media Art Competition; the Grand Prize winner appears in the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine.


Watercolor First Place:


Luchita (watercolor, 22×30) by Rogger Oncoy


Watercolor Honorable Mentions:


Anna (transparent watercolor, 20×28) by Lynn Ferris

(s)Blue Moon

Blue Moon (watercolor and gouache, 45×58 cm) by Yael Maimon


Buttercup (transparent watercolor, 22×30) by Laurie Goldstein-Warren


Pastel First Place:

(s)the annunciation

The Annunciation (pastel, 32×45) by Edward L. Rubin


Pastel Honorable Mentions:

(s)lunch al fresco

Lunch Al Fresco (pastel, 17×13) by Rita Kirkman

(s)use the back door

Use the Back Door (pastel, 11×14) by Barbara Jaenicke


Fruition (pastel, 30×60) by Jeanette Rehahn


Acrylic First Place:

(s)north rustico lighthouse

North Rustico Lighthouse (acrylic, 20×16) by Dianna Shyne


Acrylic Honorable Mentions:

(s)measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons (acrylic, 6×6) by Beth Sautter

(s)fish are flying

Fish Are Flying (acrylic, 21×29) by Toni M. Elkins


Kosmonatik (acrylic, 10.5×12) by Jonathan Hunt


Graphite, Charcoal, and Ink First Place:


Pretty (charcoal and white pastel, 6×5.5) by Emma Hirst


Graphite, Charcoal, and Ink Honorable Mentions:

(s)dragonfly eyes

Dragonfly Eyes (graphite, charcoal, and ink, 13×19.75) by Annie Murphy-Robinson

(s)lauren playing the flute

The Flute Player (graphite, charcoal, and ink, 8×11) by Carol E. Maltby

(s)Nika, woman

Nika, Woman (graphite, charcoal, and ink, 18×24) by Jane McIntyre


Colored Pencil First Place:

(s)fresh eggs

Fresh Eggs (colored pencil, 14×11) by Eileen Nistler

Colored Pencil Honorable Mentions:

(s)girl without an earring

Girl Without an Earring (colored pencil, 13×16) by Tanja Gant


Jumbo (colored pencil, 6×8) by Lynn Bywaters

(s)couldn't get a grip

Couldn’t Get a Grip (colored pencil, 18×20) by Margarete Irvin

Mixed Media and Collage First Place:

(s)recycling life

Recycling Life (acrylic and ink on canvas with collage, 48×48) by Sandrine Pelissier

Mixed Media and Collage Honorable Mentions:


Snowfell (stained glass mosaic, 16x20x1) by John D. Sollinger (Solly)

(s)Shell Ginger Triptych-left

Shell Ginger Triptych-Left (mixed media and collage, 22×22) by Connie J. Adams


George (mixed media and collage, 30×40) by Nicole Noronha-Hyde

Oil and Oil Pastel First Place:

(s)Bacchante II

Bacchante II (oil, 36-inch diameter) by Marina Dieul

Oil and Oil Pastel Honorable Mentions:

(s)i want to see your eyes

I Want to See Your Eyes (oil, 12×24) by David McLeod

(s)spring morning

Spring Morning (oil and oil pastel, 48×72) by Mark B. Goodson

(s)jealous circe

Jealous Circe (oil and oil pastel, 24×30) by William A. Schneider

Digital First Place:


Redpepperland (digital macrophotography enhanced in Photoshop CS4, 8.5×12.5) by John M. Stephens

Digital Honorable Mentions:

(s)Plight of the Bee

Plight of the Bee (digital, 20×14.3) by Lynne Bernay-Roman


(s)Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness (digital, 20×26) by Jay Friedenberg


Apples (digital, 11×14) by Laura Schramm-Behnke



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