Janvier 2014 Artiste du mois | Denny Bond

Join The Artist’s Magazine in welcoming our January artist of the month, Denny Bond! Bond was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s 30th Annual Art Competition. His painting, Ninety Two (watercolor, 24×20) is below. Keep scrolling to see what Bond has to say about art and life.

http://dennybond.com/index.html~East Petersburg, PA

Denny Bond is January Artist of the Month!

Ninety Two (watercolor, 24×20) by Denny Bond

After graduating from Kutztown University, I focused my artistic talents illustrating for a graphic studio, which lead into freelance illustration and fine art painting. Art is my total occupation and watercolor is the medium I have always used for illustrations and fine art painting.

Ninety-Two is the fourth in a series of paintings dealing with age. The subject is my mother who is currently dealing with the effects of dementia. The circles represent the circle of life while the bursting background circles suggest forgotten memories and the clock emphasizes the aging process.

I work from photos, often combining several photographs I have taken at various locations. I use Dr Martin’s Hydrus liquid watercolors, but my palette can change with different subject matter. As a realist artist, I focus on detail. The more detail, the longer the process. A painting like this one takes approximately one week to complete. My favorite aspects of any portrait, and the very first parts I paint, are the eyes.

Other paintings, a photograph that stands out from others, and thoughts that cross my brain all inspire me. My illustration career has inspired my fine art in that I can create scenes instead of just finding them.

Competitions are always good for artists. I enter many exhibitions and competitions internationally. The first thing you need to overcome is your ego, but I am always surprised and thankful when I do receive an award. I’d like to thank my wife who has been my best fan.

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