La variété est le piment de la vie | Patti Brady en vedette dans le nouveau magazine électronique

Whoa! I was reading through our newest e-magazine, Patti Brady: An Acrylic Overview, absorbing the images of her paintings and demonstrations, and glancing through the captions when I learned that I haven’t been disposing of my own acrylic paint in the best way. Yikes!

Primula_Primel by Patti Brady

Primula/Primel (acrylic on canvas panel, 23×23) by Patti Brady ( Collection of Ed House

Here are a few lessons you’ll learn when you download your own copy.
How to…

1. Manipulate acrylic polymers

2. Use two gels to create layers in a four-step demonstration       

3. Use grounds in a variety of applications

4. Start painting with an acrylic pour, plus how to pour lines and other pouring tips

5. Properly dispose of acrylic paint (hello!)

Plus, you’ll find a behind-the-scenes look at Patti’s art studio, to inspire your own space; and a special Q&A session with Patti, from The Artist’s Magazine.

Patti Brady in studio

Patti Brady, in her art studio

Need I say more? Artists love painting with acrylic because it offers such a variety of results, and there are so many possibilities in store! Click here to get the e-magazine; at only $2.99, it’s a bargain.

All best,

And now, a letter from one of our readers (send your thoughts to

I enjoy the online editorials and different visits of art that you bring to us through the weeks. I may not agree with everything I read, but I’m sure there are others who may like what does nothing for me. It helps us to see other artists’ journeys, the obstacles they’ve overcome, or the shared knowledge that’s imparted that is applicable to any art medium. We all see things differently; that makes the combined creativity of so many an enjoyable journey for the rest of the public to view (like this quote? Tweet it!). Keep up the good work!
~Paul Harman

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