Les gagnants de Strokes of Genius 6 sont annoncés

Congratulations to the 124 artists chosen for North Light Books’ 2013 drawing competition Strokes of Genius 6: Value | Lights & Darks! If you see your name below, please check your email accounts (and junk boxes) for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Strokes 6 Winner Notification” no later than Friday, September 20th.

May we express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you who shared your artwork with us in this year’s contest. We received more than 1500 entries and it was a true challenge (though an inspired one) to narrow down the field to the following 144 pieces.

All best,

Sarah Laichas
Strokes of Genius 6 Editorial Coordinator

p.s. Don’t miss Strokes of Genius editor Rachel Wolf’s free webinar next Thursday, September 26th, as she shares the behind-the-scenes of getting published. Artists of all mediums and skill levels will find Rachel’s competition advice insightful. Sign up to reserve your free spot today!


Raffaele Abbate (Power of Youth)
Sue deLearie Adair (Sanderling and Shadow III)
Carrie Alderfer (Grind)
Barb Allen (Manhattan Morning #1)
Dani Altieri Marinucci (Easter Sunday)
Jan Ames (Notra Dame Paris)
Wagner Anarca “Papis” (Just Walking)
Jennifer Annesley (Daybreak, Stanley Peak; Window on the Bow; Mezzanotte)
Jimmie Arroyo (Waste)
Olena Babak (Rodney; Reverie)
Kevin Bae (The Imperfect Representation of the Perfect Creation: Jonathan Elliot )
Erika Baez (Grow)
Paul Batch (Waleska)
Nathalie Beck (Skylar I)
Nannette E. Benson-Schlax (Wildfire Refugee)
Janice Bogy (Quiet Presence)
Candice Bohannon (Chary)
Gerald Brommer (Notre Dame, Paris; Tuscan Chapel)
Ray Brown (One Small Step)
Edward Burd (Service for Eight)
Gloria Callahan (Harley’s Davidson)
Svetlana Cameron (Girl with the Pearl Earring)
Connie Chadwell (Lindyhop Lovers; Southpaw)
Karen Clarkson (My Heart Soars)
Julie Cross (Brash in Sepia)
Deborah Crossman (Empty Spaces)
Steven DaLuz (Traveler)
Rodney O’Dell Davis (The Last Dance)
Beth de Loiselle (Idol Bunny)
Kristen Doty (Possibilities)
Martin Drexler (Linda)
Zena Fairweather (End Game)
Shawn Falchetti (Cascade)
Jorge Fernandez (Reims Cathedral)
Jack Forster (Resting)
Deborah L. Friedman (A Zen Little Drawing)
Tanja Gant (Waiting; Speak No Evil)
Deb Gilmartin (Hare; Ready to Lift Off, Oakey, QLD)
Carole Gray (Isabel)
Penelope Graydon (Elizabeth [Betty])
Peter Green (Lucy)
Hans Guerin (Sandhill Crane)
Kathleen Haney (The Wanderer)
Linda Lucas Hardy (Her Eyes So Blue; Repose)
Marshall Harris (Round Up. B.F. Smith and Sons Saddlery Circa 1942 )
Tony Hart (Canadia National)
Patrycia Herndon (Left Behind)
Teri Hiatt (Kaiser)
JD Hillberry (Go Fly a Kite)
Emma Hirst (High Steaks)
Margi Hopkins (Who Rescued Whom)
Chih-Jung Hsieh (Pratiti)
Amber-Rose Hulme (Venetian Man; Espanol Floristeria)
Juliya Ivanilova (Tallinn)
Steven Thor Johanneson (Morning … Mount Rainier from White River Canyon, Washington Cascades)
Kevin Johnson (For Generations to Come – Sea Otters)
Barbara Kacicek (Tear of the Moon / Portrait of Oriana)
Kimia Kasraie (Mother)
Elisa Khachian (Mother’s Butterfly Collar [Daughter’s Self Portrait])
Scott Kiche (Reflection of a Future Light)
Ona Kingdon (Waiting)
Rita Kirkman (Ian at Breakfast)
Janet Kohler (Michigan After Halong Bay)
Elena Kolotusha (Watchful rest)
Diana Lee (Sitting)
Junghoon Lee (Man in the dark)
George Loli (Cafe de la Paix – Paris)
Adriana Mahne (van Leeuwen) (Eye of the Leopard)
Yael Maimon (Deers Study)
Michael Malta (Wine and a Book)
Karla Mann (Mr. Big)
Alex Manzanares (Valencia)
Pete Marshall (Preening Blues)
Mary McCarty (Geranium; Rhododendron)
Laurin McCracken (Tourist Boats – Zhujaijaio; Tabletop Set for Two)
Michael Allen McGuire (Value Sketch for Mustang Mesa; Value Sketch for the Great White)
David McLeod (Beneath It All)
Kelly Mellos (Wish)
Terry Miller (Canyon Grace; Pennies From Heaven)
Angela Muellers (Tony)
Paul Murray (Wine Shed)
Joe Myers (Macaw)
Daniel Napp (Saint-Germain-des-Pres: Cafe de Flore; Saint-Germain-des-Pres: Rue de Lille)
Sandi Okita (Christy)
Chris Page (Venice Ride)
Victoria Paige (Nikita )
Elizabeth Panepinto (Kona Portrait; Siberian Husky)
Drew Parris (Waiting)
Elizabeth A Patterson (Tomato Bullseye)
Carol Peebles (With Mama’s Helpers)
Oscar Peterson (Self Portrait (Peterson Oscar 2))
Rene Porter (La Patience De Amour)
Valentino Radman (Tina)
Albert Ramos Cortes (Reminiscence)
David Rankin (RankinDavid2 [cheetah]; RankinDavid5 [lighthouse on hill])
Julio Reyes (The Artist’s Brother; The Stars Above; Outland; Spirited)
Tim Reynolds (Repraise, Deuce!)
Linda Rossin (Chesapeake Bay Retriever Layout)
Dawn Sagar (Westbound)
David Sandell (After Lunch)
Laurence Saunois (Ocicat)
Suzy Schultz (Warrior 2)
Carolyn Shelburne (Sleepy)
Bill Shoemaker (Rosie’s World)
Deanna Skalka (I Can Hear You Now)
Gerald Smith (Mediterranean)
Karen Ann Smith (Andalusian)
Laurene Spino (Mallard)
Katherine Stone (Dory’s Quilt)
Matt Swaim (Blue Slushy Sugar High)
Christine Swann (Cold)
Jac Tilton (Going, Going Il – Rt. 155 MM 19)
Melissa B Tubbs (Willow Mount)
Scott Tulay (Bridge Light)
Ann Volpe Sack (Cherub)
Linda Walker (Brahma)
Patricia Walker (Flowering Tree)
Susan Wallace (Love Lost; Blythe)
Steve Wilda (Missing Her)
Scott Williams (Blue Hydrangea in Glass Vase)
Margaret Williams-McGowan (Yankee II)
Ron Wilson (Maribou)
Wei Yan (Cat)
Stephen Yavorski (I Give You My Word)


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strokes of genius 5

Cover image:
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur by Tanja Gant | Colored pencil on bristol paper | 25″ x 17″ (64cm x 43cm)

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