Mai 2016 Artiste du mois | Lynn Welker

Congratulations to our May 2016 Artist of the Month, Lynn Welker! Lynn was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! Her piece Hidden Bridge is seen below. Read more about the artist below and what she values most about experimentation

Newport Beach, CA ~

acrylic artist of the month

Hidden Bridge (acrylic, collage, acrylic ink, gesso on 300 lb. hot press Fabriano paper) by Lynn Welker

Because of family influences, my path was set from the beginning. I have pursued other interests along the way but none compelling enough to dissuade this art-based life. Nothing can compare to the moments of complete delight and sense of accomplishment when new realms are being created from my imagination.

Growing up in Ohio, I earned a BFA and BS in education from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, and later, after moving to California, an MA. Studying to be an art educator required practical experience in most crafts and visual media. This extensive training was very useful during my 21-year career in art education. However, painting has always been my personal preference and means of expression.

My creative process is dedicated to an uncompromising vision of experimentation and innovation. I am always pushing beyond what I have done before. Because I am a mixed media artist, my only limitation to materials is their archival properties and relationship to the integrity of the work.

Like many artists, I am directly inspired by nature and particular landscape elements. However, I do not use a photograph or visual frame of reference. There is no pre-planning or sketching. I invent solely from my mind, drawing from past experience, an in-depth art education, and a strong sense of organization and design.

Because I value improvisation and spontaneity, I begin with a loose application of flowing acrylic washes and random textural lines. The lines are an important element creating a certain vibration through their accidental imperfection. Attaching painted rice papers of complimenting colors further advances the foundation for the painting. Using a variety of chosen materials from my studio supplies, I advance the narrative until the painting is resolved. The unpredictable mystery of this process is my favorite part of the work.

Hidden Bridge is part of my current series titled, “Community”. Incorporating man-made structures and dwellings within an abstract backdrop shows man’s presence in an imagined landscape. Of the over 40 works in the series, I think the bold geometric shapes combined with random horizontal lines creates a certain flow and rhythm as you peruse the land, the houses, and finally, the road and bridge below. With improvisation and abstraction there are always compositional problems to solve and surprises along the way. The bridge itself was the surprise in this work. There was a curve in the under painting that suggested the final structure.

I work on three to four paintings at a time, moving back and forth between them. Concentrating on only one causes me to rush to the finish line so I can start another. With a group, I play one against the other, moving forward until they are all signed, framed and ready to send out into the world.

People viewing my work often see objects within the abstract patterns. Many subtle details are intended, others are quite random. Once I point out a few things, people’s imagination goes into high gear.

I am always looking for new avenues to exhibit. I am grateful to be able to share my visual expression with readers from around the world. With these works I hope to shift attention from a world of technology to one that reconnects people to the richness of the land and its communities.

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