Nouveau! À propos de Tomie dePaola, auteur et illustrateur de livres pour enfants

Maureen Bloomfield, Editor-in-Chief of The Artist’s Magazine, is today’s guest editor.

Walking back from a teachers’ conference, I mentioned to Jane and Will Hillenbrand, whose son is in school with my daughter, that one of my dearest dreams was to publish an article on Tomie dePaola. Will, who is himself an award-winning illustrator of children’s books and whose own work has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine (November 2008), replied, “Tomie is one of our dearest friends!” Will offered to act as intermediary but I asked him to interview Tomie instead. I’m thrilled to present the article “Putting On a Show” in our” newest issue> in which Tomie talks with brilliance and candor about what it means to be an artist. He describes many gifts, among them his parents’ apportioning of the attic so that half of it could be his studio. The continuity in that life–from beloved child to beloved illustrator and author–is summed up by the drawing The Art Lesson.

The-Art-Lesson by-Tomie dePaola

The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola (

The Generator Building by CW Pates

The Generator Building, Casole d’Elsa, Tuscany (oil; 28×24) by CW Pates

For Michael Chesley Johnson, D.F. Gray, Richard Flynn, and CW Pates, the artist’s studio is often outdoors; accordingly, the canvas can be almost as vast as the sky. Johnson advises you to put aside tiny plein air surfaces for giant ones in the article “Livin’ Large.” Also in this issue, Claudia Seymour explains how she plans triangular compositions characterized by abundant color, and Gail Postal shows how she starts with a graphite drawing that she builds an icon around. Mark E. Mehaffey paints, pushes, and prods the synthetic surface Yupo, and Dennis Puhalla recounts the origin and the uses of the golden section. Finally, we celebrate the nine winners of our third All Media Art Competition, whose enthralling works are accompanied by equally enthralling stories. ~Maureen Bloomfield

I was able to take a sneak peek at this” issue which is on newsstands now.> It’s 100+ pages brimming with art that includes everything Maureen wrote about above, and more, including a special Artist’s Life column by Holly Davis on Russ Kick’s recently completed anthology of world literature symbolized via graphic/comic art. Subscribe to The Artist’s Magazine, so that you’ll be among the first to read each issue, which you’ll receive before it hits newsstands, hot off the press.

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