On ne peut pas le nier…

There’s no doubt about it–Fall is in full swing. Here in the Midwest, the leaves are changing colors, and yards are becoming littered with them with every wisp of the wind. School has been back in session long enough to have lost its appeal, and in the publishing world, Fall issues are making their ways into the hands of readers. It’s on this note that I’m so happy to share with you the newest Inspired, a free digital magazine that you can only get at artistmagazine.com.

Louisiana Oak (pastel, 32x48) by Adrian Deckbar

Louisiana Oak (pastel, 32×48) by Adrian Deckbar, featured in Inspired

Inspired letter from the editors:
With summer now a distant memory and the holidays just far enough around the corner to keep full-blown panic at bay, we think it’s the perfect time of year to clear the slate–or cleanse the “palette,” so to speak–and become fully immersed in art, taking on new creative challenges along the way.

To get you started, Dory Kanter introduces her four color triads designed to get you to paint with “passionate” color instead of “photographic” color. Each of the triads offers an unmistakable atmosphere and mood, providing a wonderful tool for experimentation and self-expression.

Likewise, collage artist Serena Barton challenges you to break free from a focus on precision and embrace wabi-sabi–the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection and transience–to make mixed-media collages with a worn, timeless appeal. Try her technique for using re-inkers and acrylic glaze medium to produce your own perfectly imperfect works.

As the weather cools and the setting sun drives you indoors a little earlier each evening, settle in and take a fresh approach to your art. After all, the holidays will be here before you know it! ~Beth Williams

Field at Night by Serena Barton

Field at Night (re-inker glaze on wood panel) by Serena Barton

Well said, Beth! On that note, click here to view this free issue of Inspired, and share the link with your friends–everyone loves a freebie!

Until next time,

Cherie Haas, online editor**Click” here to subscribe the artists network newsletter for inspiration instruction and more>

And, don’t miss this bonus article that includes an excerpt from Dory Kanter’s Art Escapes.


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