Où puis-je me procurer mon illustration vintage

In my heart, I belong to Cincinnati. This town is known for loyalists, and even though I typically buck against the trend, this is one instance in my life where I proudly go along with it in content tranquility. That is why I always feel slightly guilty when I skip over all the cute little jars of buttons near the registers of all the cute little stores in Cincinnati. I do this because I know about a well-kept secret tucked on the second floor of a shop named “Tigertree” in Columbus, Ohio. That’s where the good buttons are.

Buttons from Tigertree

Every time I have the good fortune to visit a friend in the area, I drag them along, quarters in tow, and hurry up to the second floor where there is a vintage toy machine with a metal chicken inside, and lots of yellow plastic easter eggs. For just 25 cents, the chicken “lays” an egg, and inside is a unique button, decorated with an illustration from a retired vintage book. I think it’s mostly the anticipation of finding out what image you’ll get that makes it so fun, but I also love the concept of recycled art. After working in a library for over a year and seeing many old, tattered children’s books head for the dumpster, I really appreciate their being turned into something new and beautiful. Got any good recycled art stories? Let us know in the comments!

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