Passons au numérique – Une vente spéciale d'Halloween pour les ateliers d'art en ligne

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Happy Halloween! There. I’ve said it. Now we can move on. Seriously, all humor aside, I do hope that if you celebrate this holiday, it’s filled with delicious sweets and entertaining costumes! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and you can bet that I’m dying to attend the parties and trick-or-treating that await.

But alas, I’m still at work and I have to wait until tomorrow, so we’ll get back to the business of art, which I’m also thrilled to do. Over the past several months, I’ve shared excerpts, quotes, demonstrations, and artwork from dozens and dozens of resources from North Light Shop. Because all of our video downloads are on sale, I’d like to highlight three art workshops online that I’ve mentioned in the past, just in case you were considering them but were waiting for the right time, or (gasp!) perhaps hadn’t yet subscribed to the artistmagazine newsletter. Browse the articles below–each one features a workshop that you can learn more about and then order as a DVD or download onto your computer for instant and permanent access.

Acrylic painting instruction, tips, and lessons, art workshops online

Click here to “pin” Wedding Bell Shoes (acrylic, 8×8) by Patti Mollica. Her techniques are included in art workshops online at North Light Shop and

• Texture Drawing Basics with Claudia Nice
Download | Read “Convincing Conifers: How to Draw Trees”

• Acrylic Painting Brushwork Techniques, Fast, Loose and Bold with Patti Mollica
Download | Read “Bold, Breakthrough Discoveries”

• Oil Painting Techniques: Dramatic Sky with Brian Keeler
Download | Read “Painting During the Golden Hour”

These are just a few drops in the bucket of all the downloads that are on sale; browse through the rest at North Light Shop to find what’s available for your favorite medium and/or subject. Click, download, and in just a few moments, you could be learning more.

Oh! And one more thing … check out this ebook on costume makeup by Nick Wolfe and Brian Wolfe. I was lucky enough to participate as a model (on the cover; I’m the zombie in the middle). You might want to try your hand at something like this if you haven’t yet–the instructions are easy to follow, and the results are downright frightening.

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary,

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