Peinture de paysage: Trouvez des compositions partout où vous regardez

Get insights and techniques for painting the city with Cityscapes: Paint Urban Landscapes in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor and Pastel. In this new eMagazine, you’ll see how artists such as Mike Barr, Iain Stewart, Constance LaPolombara and Jaye Schlesinger come up with amazing cityscapes that display a wonderful range of styles.

Today’s feature is a peek at Sarah Strickley’s interview with Jaye. Read the full feature in Cityscapes for more landscape painting inspiration and techniques.

Landscape painting by Jaye Schlesinger |

Tableau Vivant (pastel, 17×23) by Jaye Schlesinger, (Pin this!)

Sarah Strickley asks, “What is it about urban scenes that attract you as an artist? What tends to catch your eye as a potential painting?”

Landscape painting by Jaye Schlesinger |

Biker in Window (pastel, 18×20) by Jaye Schlesinger

Jaye Schlesinger: “I have an incurable habit of seeing little framed vignettes within the larger busy and complex views of the city. I think it just provides me with a lot of visual satisfaction to find unintended still lifes in common places. It happens somewhat effortlessly that I see beautiful compositions based on patterns of lines and shapes, just about everywhere.

“What often catches my eye is a strong sense of contrast based on shadows, colors, architecture or other elements. I also sometimes find myself looking with one eye closed, which instantly flattens the scene and allows me to see interesting relationships in two-dimensional space between areas that are, three-dimensionally, quite distant from each other.

“Sometimes I just take photographs of large city scenes and later find smaller sections of them that have potential to become interesting compositions. I like to play with a certain amount of a grid-like structure, which is almost always present in the urban landscape.”

Download Cityscapes here. You’ll have instant access to Jaye’s painting demonstration of Biker in Window, Iain Stewart’s tutorial based on a landscape sketch, Mike Barr’s 10 tips for successful wet cityscapes, and much more.

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