Peinture du jour de la terre | Célébrer la nature

One of my favorite new sayings is that the “earth” without “art” is just “eh.” If you’re friends with us on Facebook, you may have seen our recent invitation to post your nature-inspired artwork on our wall in celebration of Earth Day. There were some beautiful images to choose from, and the one we settled on is (appropriately) Spring, by Lori Farist.

Spring by Lori Jacobs, Earth Day art

Spring (oil, 12×9) by Lori Farist

“Nature inspires me through its interchanges between vibrant color and neutrals, between the warm and cool colors, and between light and shadow,” says Farist. “There is always something in nature that I find inspiring to paint.”

Thank you, Lori, for inspiring us and sharing your work.

Keep painting,

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