Plans d’été: visitez le programme d’art mural de Philadelphie

Philadelphia muralMurals are always a fun surprise. One minute you’re walking down a city street composed of muted grays and faded blacks, and the next, you’re staring at a colorful urban masterpiece, painted joyfully across the side of a building. We’re lucky enough to have some stunners here in Cincinnati, but Philadelphia is universally recognized as the World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery, and is home to over 3,600 public artworks. The Mural Arts Program has made them all accessible in their tours, by way of trolley, bike, train, or your own two feet. Included in many of the tours is the opportunity to see the mural-making process in action, and talk with the artists who helped make Philadelphia into the “City of Murals.” One of the tours offered is a “Love Letter Train Tour” in which viewers get to see 50 murals that make up the Love Letter project. According to their press release, the Love Letter Project “speaks to all those who have loved and for those who long for a way to express that love to the world around them.” There are also Mother’s and Father’s Day tours, a “Celebrate Women Trolley Tour,” and a “Music and Jazz Trolley Tour,” among others. If you’re in the area, make sure to be one of the 18,000 people to tour the Mural Arts Program’s outdoor art gallery, and enjoy the added bonus of getting to know Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and communities through their art. To read more about The Mural Arts Program, and to see the tour schedules, visit their homepage.


Philadelphia mural

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