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Today I caught myself with my hand on my chin, looking at absolutely nothing, and having a lovely daydream. This happens a lot. I like to imagine that it’s because I’m creative, or because I’m truly destined for wild, improbable adventures, but the little cricket in my head tells me it’s probably just because I’m bored.

There are some adventures, though, that are both wild and probable, and I’m of the firm belief that they should be fully taken advantage of. Let me tell you about The Golden Foundation Residency and by the end you’ll have your hand on your chin, daydreaming too.

Artists at work!

Housed in a transformed 19th century dairy barn amid the rolling hills of central New York, The Golden Foundation Residency provides open studio spaces and private artist apartments for the small group of artists in each session. The residency is just several hundred yards away from the Golden Artist Colors manufacturing facility, and participants are provided with a great variety of tools and materials for creating stunning works of art with paint.

Below is information about the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation Residency Program from their website:

“Founded in 1997, the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit arts organization whose mission is to be a meaningful resource for the professional visual artist. Since its inception, the Golden Foundation has awarded financial grants and fellowships to over 50 professional artists and art organizations throughout the United States and internationally. Beginning in 2007, the Golden Foundation established the Golden Foundation Fellowship to provide continued assistance to the art community by way of independent granting to other residency organizations. In 2012, the Golden Foundation opened the doors to its one-of a-kind artist residency for artists working in paint.”

Applications are now being accepted for the 2014 Golden Foundation Artist Residency Program. Each residency session lasts four weeks and can accommodate up to three professional artists. The 2014 sessions include:

April 27 – May 24

June 1 – June 28

July 6 – August 2

August 3 – August 30

September 7 – October 4

October 12 – November 8

The deadline for applications is September 23rd, 2013. The Golden Foundation Residency Program Application can be accessed by visiting



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