Que faites-vous avec vos griffonnages? Gagnez 1 000 $ et obtenez publié

We all know that Zentangle® and doodle art are taking the world by storm, but what can you do once you’ve created beautiful tangle art for yourself? Share it, of course! artistmagazine and Cloth Paper Scissors are proud to announce our first annual Zen Doodle drawing competition.

Zen Doodle Drawing Competition | artistmagazine.com

Win up to $1,000–and see your winning work in Zen Doodle Workshop magazine! Maybe you Zen Doodle for relaxation. Maybe it’s a kind of meditation. But we suspect that every so often, you surprise yourself with a finished doodle that’s truly inspired. This is your chance for you to showcase your most eye-catching, head-turning work.

Click” here to learn more details including how enter your tangles and doodles.>The deadline is July 17, 2015, so don’t delay!

Zentangle and Doodle Art Contest | artistmagazine.com

Art Credits: Untitled by Dr. Lynnita K. Knoch; Whirled Peace by Catherine Langsdorf; Looking for Sun by Kim Pay

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The Zentangle® Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc

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