Questions brûlantes: l'artiste Thomas Torak au clair de lune et plus

With bravura brushstrokes, Thomas Torak focuses on the painterly surface and gladly passes on old master techniques to his students. In the newest issue of The Artist’s Magazine (October 2013, on newsstands now), Torak is featured in a landscape article titled “Alive with Paint,” Robert K. Carsten. We’ve asked him a few just-for-fun questions–keep reading to discover more!


What’s the one color you can’t live without and why?  As Tintoretto said there are two colors an artist cannot live without, black and white. They are the Alpha and Omega of the palette.

Give us your bio, in six words. Born, studied, married, created, exhibited, taught.

What are your plans for the fall? To observe the effects of moonlight on fall foliage.

What’s your favorite creative food? Chocolate, of course.

Do you have a ritual that gets you primed for painting? Put on a CD of Bach keyboard music, lie on the couch in my studio, eyes closed, and visualize what I’m about to paint.


“The rhythms of the rounded forms in the trees, silo, and hay bales, along with Torak’s fluid brushwork, contribute to the vitality and sense of movement in Round Bales (oil, 16×16). The hay bales appear as though they might even be tumbling down the hill!” ~Robert K. Carsten

• Read “Alive with Paint” in the October 2013 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.
• Learn more about Thomas Torak at
• Read An” homage to paul rubens feast of venus>, which features the work of Thomas’s wife, Elizabeth Torak (featured in The Artist’s Magazine, October 2012).

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