Rien de tel que se lover avec un bon magazine

For months, my fireplace has been nothing more than a shelf for a few odds and ends–a vase with flowers, an Americana-style runner, and two sculptures: one, a little boy holding his ears and making a sour face, and the other, another little boy playing a flute. But spring and summer have come and gone, and we’ve all now found ourselves in the throes of fall. The days of short sleeves were wonderful while they were here, but it’s time that we begin to welcome the next season. With this, and with the dropping temperatures in my region, my fireplace has come back to life. It’s funny how quickly you can find yourself in the mindset of the next cycle of weather; even the idea of sitting next to the fire and reading brings warm thoughts.

Clementines (watercolor on paper, by Karen Isenburg

Clementines (watercolor on paper, 17.75×24.5) by Karen Isenburg

And since rain, wind and even snow are now a reality for many of us, what better time to catch up on our favorite magazines? At artistmagazine, we’re proud to feature not one, but five fine art magazines, each of which cater to specific interests. I’m sure that you’re familiar with at least one or two of the following–which one(s) speaks to your personal interests? Perhaps you’re as passionate about art as Karen Isenburg, who was featured in Watercolor Artist (August 2013): “I love the process of painting. It’s kind of like eating a sundae, savoring and enjoying it, as opposed to just eating it as fast as you can to get it down.”

Here’s what each fine art magazine offers, at a glance:

  • The Artist’s Magazine: Celebrates the creative life and the creative act, the artist as well as the art, by showcasing the best work–in all media and in all styles–of the best artists working today.
  • Pastel Journal: Offers pastel painting techniques and inspiration to pastel artists of all skill levels, from the passionate amateur to the working professional.
  • Watercolor Artist: Takes you inside the studios of the best and brightest of today’s watermedia artists for inspiration, ideas, and instruction.
  • Drawing: Provides the information and inspiration artists can use to enhance their skills in charcoal, graphite, colored pencils, pastels, and more.
  • Southwest Art: Features the fine art of the American West and the region’s most accomplished artists and work.
Bread Rack (oil, 66x60) by Jeffrey T. Larson

Bread Rack (oil, 66×60) by Jeffrey T. Larson won first place in the still life category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 2013 Annual Art Competition. The winners are published annually, offering inspiration to others around the world.

The good news is that you can subscribe to any (or all) of these fine art magazines so that you have a stack of resources to absorb as the weather begins to turn. Find inspiration by looking at masterworks, learn about others’ techniques so that you can apply them to your own art, and see what your fellow artists are up to around the country and the world.

Happy reading,

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