Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda? Simplement fais-le

I was at a party recently that included laughter, spontaneous singing, and dancing to improvisational music around a bonfire. I’ve found my home in a circle of friends that is made up of talented visual artists, musicians (banjo, violin, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, and more), dancers, and all-around creative individuals. What a good home, it is.

This particular night, the music from an upright bass, a guitar and melodic voices was rising up into the air along with the fire’s smoke. I was standing several feet away from the larger group, talking with a dear friend of mine, Laura Sabo, who inspires me with her determination to bring classical music to popular culture via a project that she’s working on called Classical Revolution Cincinnati. At some point in our conversation, I very casually told her that I felt I should go and dance with the others (several times that evening, another friend had encouraged me). She said to me, “You know, if you say that you ‘should’ do something, then just do it.”

These are words of wisdom that can be applied across any field. Do you ever hear yourself saying, “I should work on this painting,” “I should take another art class,” or “I should contact a gallery”? Then do it! But wait–excuses abound, I know. We have families to take care of, day jobs to work (i.e. bills to pay), wedding showers and birthday parties to attend. That’s where you have to put yourself first a bit.

Write down what’s holding you back from art (or tell us if you’re solid in this aspect), and consider a way to go from “should” to “did.” And don’t be shy–share your struggles, goals, and successes in the comments section below. Now, go draw!

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