Si des artistes écrivaient des chansons country…

Here at, we love art humor and funny artist jokes just as much as the next person! Even though you’re probably used to coming here for the painting%C2%A0tips” and drawing advice>, we hope you’ll get a kick out of this list of fake country song titles. Saddle up, and enjoy!

Funny art humor! If Artists Wrote Country Songs |

  • I Keep a Close Watch on This Art of Mine (I Draw The Line)
  • Dag Nab It, I Drank the Paint Water…Again
  • That Burnt Sienna Sunset (Ain’t As Pretty As You)
  • I Can’t Stop Painting You
  • All My Exes Paint in Texas
  • The Way You Glazed, I Was Amazed
  • Stand By Your Pan (Pastels)
  • If Only Time Would Fly While I’m Waitin’ For the Oils to Dry
  • I Saw (Cad) Red
  • Sorry Mama, ‘Bout the Cadmium on My Britches
  • Honey, Baby, She’s Just an Art Model To Me
  • Don’t It Make My Raw Umber Eyes Cerulean
  • We’ll Strip Tobacco Later – I Got a Hankerin’ To Draw
  • The Pencil Shading Shuffle
  • The Graphite on My Hands Lasted Longer Than His Love
  • Like We’re Layered and Scumbled, We’ll Never Part
  • Take This Commission and Shove It
  • I Wanna Be Your Focal Point
  • I Reckon She Uses Photoshop, But She Won’t Say
  • He Drew That Yonder Landscape (But He Won’t Draw Me)

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Cherie Haas, online editor

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