Si vous saviez alors ce que vous savez maintenant…

If you could write a letter to your younger self, the “you” who first began your artistic journey, what would you say? It would be a tough letter to write, but I think it’s important to consider where we began in order to understand where we are and where we’re going when it comes to expressing ourselves through creative outlets. In light of this, I’ve asked Nancy Reyner, author of Acrylic Illuminations, Acrylic Revolution, and Acrylic Innovation, Darlene Olivia McElroy, co-author of the mixed media book Surface Treatment Workshop, and Roxanne Padgett, author of Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media, to finish the sentence “If I knew then what I know now…” Scroll down to see what they had say.

acrylic artist Nancy Reyner

Acrylic expert Nancy Reyner has 30+ years of painting experience, and has published three books and a DVD with North Light Books.

“If I knew then what I know now about painting, I’d relax and be happy. It just gets better and better. Continuing to practice and do the work really pays off.” ~Nancy Reyner

mixed media art from Surface Treatment Workshop

The Missing Link (faux encaustic) by Sandra Duran Wilson

“… I would have made a point of pushing each new technique I learned further; setting time aside every day to paint instead of waiting for weekends; and meeting more artists who had achieved what I was shooting for so I could learn the ropes faster.” ~Darlene Olivia McElroy

“… I wouldn’t have waited to start painting! I just kept thinking that I didn’t know enough about painting to paint. It can be intimidating to face the white page or be afraid that you might not ‘do it right.’ There is no right or wrong, and mistakes can be an opportunity to try something new. In fact, I actually learned how to paint by painting: trying things out, playing, experimenting, making mistakes and then doing it all over again.” ~Roxanne Padgett

What inspiring answers! Get Nancy’s and Darlene’s instruction in your own home when you get this “Acrylic All-Stars” kit of the month, only available at North Light Shop. It includes the following resources from these experts and more:

• Acrylic Illuminations and Acrylic Innovations by Nancy Reyner

• Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media by Roxanne Padgett

• Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady

• Surface Treatment Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson

And since this is the first time that we’re featuring Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media, I thought I’d share a review from one of our customers who has purchased it: “Roxanne’s approach to making art changed my life. No, really. I had always wondered how artists achieved such interesting layers in their work but was intimidated to experiment too much on my own. Roxanne breaks it down so easily, and the very first day I tried this approach, I was making canvases I loved, and I haven’t stopped since.” ~Tonia

Whether you use acrylic or a different medium, consider where you are on your artistic journey. Even if you don’t actually write down your thoughts, think about what you’ve learned and how you can use that knowledge to propel you further on your path. Click here to complete this sentence on Twitter: “If I knew then what I know now … .”

Yours in art,

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