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This free download, from Artists Network, features stunning still life fine art and the artists’ stories behind the creation of each the featured still lifes. Best Still Life Painting Techniques and Stories that Inspire, tells the stories of award-winning still life oil, still life watercolor, and other still life fine art from The Artist’s Magazine’s Annual Art Competition.

Hands Across America by Scott Royston

Hands Across America by Scott Royston

Learn how to discover inspiration from the stories artists share about various sources of inspiration they had that begat these award-winning works of still life fine art. Find instruction in other’s inspired works and learn from their stories about how to channel inspiration into creative still life output.

I encourage all our beloved Artist’s Network artists, readers, fans, and friends to claim their free download of still life arts; we love providing our community with the information and inspiration to help you excel in your artistic passions.

Bouquet by Will Wilson

Bouquet by Will Wilson

Also, share this still life art download with a friend who can use some inspiration in their artistic journey or share with a friend who needs some inspiration to start their artistic journey.

In addition to instructing and inspiring artists of all skill levels, we want to help challenge you to reach new levels. One way we challenge you is through hosting art contests and competitions.

Contests and competitions provide you an opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and achieve new levels of success.

Find an upcoming Artist’s Network contest or competition. Enter your best work in an art competiton to expand your artistic purview and challenge yourself to achieve new heights.

We hope this month’s free download about still life fine art will inspire you and maybe even push you to pursue a new level in your own art you never thought possible.

Live inspired,
Meghan Norton, Online Education Manager

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