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A Free Guide to Pencil Shading Techniques for Beginning Artists, from Artists Network, is chalk full of shading” techniques> to help you take your art to the next level. Shading adds depth, character, and emotion to your drawing. Shading is what differentiates an amateur drawing from a fully expressive piece of art. In this guide to shading art, you will get tips and insights on how to practice shading techniques and how to shade drawings effectively.

Shading the SphereYou will progressively walk through the shading process starting with shading the sphere. The proper depiction of light and shadow is the crux of creating three-dimensional art. Drawing expert John deMartin explains, how to draw value on the two most basic geometric shapes, the sphere and the ovoid. When an artist is comfortable with these shapes, they are more apt to effectively draw and shade complex objects found in nature.

A Seat in Soho by Craig Nelson

A Seat in Soho by Craig Nelson

With an understanding of drawing fundamental shapes under your belt, you will enjoy the rest of what A” free guide to pencil shading techniques for beginning artists> has to offer:

  • Shading tips from Sadie Valeri, as found in the article she wrote for The Artist’s Magazine titled “Modeling Complex Form”
  • An excerpt from The Drawing Bible by Craig Nelson
  • An excerpt from Drawing with Your Artist’s Brain by Carl Purcell

With the tips, insights, and drawing techniques from experts you can create newly inspired pencil shading art. Enjoy.

Live inspired,
Meghan Norton, Online Education Manager

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