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Rex and Susan Beanland are retired teachers whose paths of sharing knowledge didn’t end, but rather began anew once they left the classrooms. For that’s when they took their combined love of art and desire to teach to start producing videos by artists, for artists, on how to paint. Read about their vision for WhitePine Productions in my exclusive interview with Rex.

CH: Tell me about how or why you began producing instructional art videos.
RB: I’ve always had a passion for art, and 15 years ago I began working with video and came to appreciate its power to tell stories. Doing art instruction videos is the perfect marriage of these two worlds.

watercolor landscape painting

Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon shares a demonstration of Breaking Through in her DVD, Courageous Watercolour.

CH: Tell us about the artists you feature.
RB: When we choose an artist to work with we look for someone who is a great teacher, has a generous personality, and has a style that we think should be shared.

• Brent Laycock has a unique and deeply personal artistic vision. He’s one of Canada’s most recognized landscape artists. In person, he’s extremely humble and genuine, and is currently on an 18-month missionary assignment in Australia.

• Karin Huehold is a warm and dynamic person with a wacky, offbeat sense of humor. Her infectious approach to painting encourages her students to relax and have fun. Her most memorable advice to students is, “Let’s play!”

Sharon Williams is a gifted teacher. I first met her when I took one of her classes. She’s great at encouraging students to go beyond their comfort zone. Her best advice to students is that the more organized you are before you begin painting, the more spontaneous you’ll be when you are painting.

Susan Woolgar is a premiere pastelist. She was born with a pastel stick in her hand and a “need to paint.” She creates magic places that reach out from the surface and draw us in.

Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon is fearless in her use of bold and vibrant colours which jump right off the paper. She has courageously developed a unique approach to watercolour.

CH: Are your videos geared toward beginners, advanced artists, or anywhere in between? What can artists expect when they watch a White Pine video?
RB: Our videos, in general, are aimed at beginners and intermediate artists. We want our content to be clear and organized so that everyone can benefit from it.

CH: Do you have any funny stories from behind-the-scenes that you’d like to share?
RB: Our artists are all very experienced teachers, but none of them had ever worked in a video studio with only a camera for their audience/class. The funniest moment happened when one of our artists (who shall remain nameless) was given the countdown to recording, the red light came on and the artist was struck speechless. Take 2, 3, and 4 were much better.

CH: Just for fun! You have a plane ticket to anywhere in the world to paint–where will you go?
RB: Living through the winter we’ve had here in Canada this year, I’d go anyplace that’s warm.

Courageous Watercolour with Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon is one of several WhitePine DVDs that North Light Shop is proud to carry now. Click here to learn more, and scroll down to browse more how-to-paint videos from WhitePine.

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