Un paysage d'espoir en hiver

It’s Christmas Eve, and I want to share with you a peaceful, beautiful winter landscape painting. A gesture of peace and calm, if you will. When I came across the painting you see below by Christine Misencik Bunn, I thought, Perfect! It’s peaceful, it’s calm, and it’s a beautiful winter landscape! And then I read the artist’s description, of how this is a symbolic painting of her daughter. Everything changed.

It just goes to remind us how powerful art is–the conceiving and creating of it, and the other side, of viewing it. As you’ll see below, the painting is a hopeful piece, which is why I still feel strongly about sharing it with you today. We all have our difficult times, we all have art, and we all can have hope.

Landscape paintings | Christine Misencik Bunn, artistmagazine.com

Last Mile . . . Almost Home (transparent watercolor on 140-lb. cold-pressed Arches, 15×29) by Christine Misencik Bunn (Pin this)

“This shows a cancer survivor, my daughter, bravely navigating her pathway toward healing,” says Christine. “I was inspired to create the cold, snowy journey of struggle, fear, desperation and finally a positive outlook as the end of the trek drew near. The texture of snow was most important. The changing light, the shadows, the footsteps, the tire tracks and even the pathway were imperative.”

As with each painting featured in the Splash series, the artist goes on to also discuss her painting technique. “My predominant color was ultramarine blue,” she says. “To produce the many textures, I employed washes, glazes, wet-into-wet and an old toothbrush to soften some of the edges. With my own sense of helplessness, I was trying to understand my daughter’s hopeful ‘last mile.’”

I have the very best wishes for Christine and her daughter, as well as for each of you reading this today. I hope that your season is filled with love, art, and hope.

Cherie Haas, online editor
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