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Today’s guest editor is Beth Williams of Pastel Journal, Watercolor Artist and Inspired, (hint: get the newest free issue of this digital magazine here). ~Cherie

As this year wanes and the next ascends, you may be hunkering down to draw up your list of serious-minded resolutions so you can carpe annum, or “seize the new year.” That’s so 1994! You already have a long list of to-dos to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, so why pile on with often hard-to-achieve resolutions, too?

Family Table, oil painting by Michael De Brito

Family Table (oil, 23×31) by Michael De Brito

Instead, embrace the gentle, but powerful, practice found among some of today’s art circles: Choose one word to reflect your year’s intentions. It should be a word that resonates with you and represents what you hope to achieve and bring into your life.

If the idea of having one word guide you through all aspects of your life over the next 365 days feels too daunting, how about focusing on one word for your art practice? Here are some to consider:

playful • experiment • healing • stretch • breathe • trust • challenge • soar • reach • exhibition
• color • embrace • explore • open • delight • shift • try • flow • emerge • grow • achievement
• produce • loosen • shine • go

Mixed media art by Asha Menghrajani

Red Spice (acrylic, copper leaf and mixed media on canvas, 24×24) by Asha Menghrajani

What will your 2014 word be? Whatever it is, here’s hoping you have a happy–and inspired–new year! Enjoy the creative ideas, techniques and subjects in these pages as you move forward on your artistic journey. ~Beth Williams

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