Votre automne, une ressource incontournable en acrylique | Artiste en acrylique, numéro d'automne 2014

Explore your creativity with the Fall 2014 issue of Acrylic Artist, a special 124-page issue celebrating the versatility of acrylic. Featuring a wide variety of vibrant and varied acrylic and mixed-media paintings—along with tips from fellow artists who share their processes—you’ll be inspired to experiment with acrylic-specific mediums to change the dynamic of your paints,  discover ways to incorporate metal leaf and collage elements, create unique textures, and more.

It’s all here in this special-issue magazine—your fall must-have acrylic resource.

Watch the video below for a preview of artwork by featured artists, including cover artist Greg Navratil, as well as Katherine Chang Liu, Barbara Edwards, Charles Harrington, Nancy Hagin, Warren W. Kessler, Jim Seitz and Richard M. Greene. Find the issue on newsstands September 30, or order your copy in print or digital format at www.northlightshop.com.








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